Sand, Water and Fun: A Day at Tarkwa Bay Beach

The beach is unarguably one of the best places to go to relax and have fun. And Lagos happens to have so many of them for endless visitors and residents. We happened to visit one back in March, 2019 and we opted for the Tarkwa Bay Beach.

The Tarkwa Bay beach is located at Onisowo island community, commonly referred to as ‘Snake Island’ about 15 minutes away from Lagos island.

So let’s begin, shall we? 😉

We converged at the popular CMS bus stop at about 11am from where we walked down to the Lagos-Apapa Ferry Service Station which is located beside the pedestrian bridge after the CMS bus stop. Due to the existence of other buildings and structures, locating the station might be a bit difficult for a new goer. So its advisable to always ask around after crossing the bridge to the other side facing the sea.

View of the Ferry point from the pedestrian bridge

At the station, we saw the trip shedule and realized we just missed the last ferry to tarkwa bay by 3 minutes.

We even saw the ferry sailing away from us from where we stood ☹️

Stuck between waiting for the next ferry in 2 hours or boarding a boat, we choose the latter. We realised most jetty rides from this terminal were to Apapa due to the frequent passengers going there. Tarkwa Bay is popular only on weekends when fun seekers and tourists troop for weekend getaways.

Apapa bound passengers boarding their ferry

We boarded the next boat bound for the island and paid the boat fare of N300 per person. Then we strapped on our safety jackets and in no time, our boat engine roared to life and we were off sailing ⛵

Some of us were having their first ever boat rides and it was quite the experience. If you haven’t experienced one before, you can opt for it when coming to the Bay or destination else that requires water transportation to get to.

After about 10 -15 minutes of boat ride, we arrived the Tarkwa Bay Boat Jetty.

Then we took a short 15 minutes walk through the village before reaching the beach.

You can choose to take a boat ride to the beach directly instead of going through the village, which would cost you a little more. We had to go through the community to have a feel of life and activities on this island. We were lucky to meet a boy who volunteered to show us the way to the beach up to a point where we could see the shoreline.

On arriving, we proceeded to pay the entry fee which was N200 per person.

Afterwards, we picked our choice tent and bargained with the owner for a decent price. At the end, we paid N1500 for the tent, table and 3 chairs. We settled down, changed into more comfortable wears before launching into the water.

Enough talking, just enjoy !

Time to get in that water 🌊

Tarkwa Bay Beach is a destination point every tourist or fun seeker in Lagos should visit. The beach is well maintained by the host community and the surroundings offer a beautiful scenery for photo and even video shoots.

There are also beach houses along the shore for those planning a weekend or vacation getaways there.

A beach house

Also the beach offers a beautiful view of the Eko Atlantic for your viewing and backdrop for pictures

There are fun beach activities one can take part in with friends such as volleyball, quad bike ride, beach ball, horse ride, swing, etc. There are provisions for this and more, at affordable rates.

We spent the rest of the day basking in the sun and soaking up in the euphoria of the beach. We didnt leave until evening and we hope on returning back here soon.

Have you been to the Tarkwa Bay Beach before? Let us hear about your own experience. If you haven’t, let us know what you think. And also, we welcome questions and etc in the comments section below.


Nonye 👣

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