Top Ten Places To Visit This Holiday On A Budget In Lagos

Unarguably the most socially diverse state with lots of sight to behold, Lagos has alot of top fun places for it’s residents and visitors to visit this holiday season. We made (in no particular order) a list of top places to visit without breaking the bank this period.

(Note that this compilation was made based on places we’ve visited in the past and we factored in the experience and cost for this places to make this list. But we welcome suggestions on other ‘budget destinations’ to visit in the future)

With that being said, let’s roll 😎

1. Nike Art Gallery

Undoubtedly one of the top reputable art destinations in the country, Chief Mrs Nike’s gallery located at Lekki is a gallery displaying diverse beautiful art works by talented African artistes. The four storey building with opens its doors to the public for free entry and viewing everyday. (Read about our complete trip to Nike Art Gallery Here)

2. Tarkwa Bay Beach

Beginning from the boat fare that starts from N500 (from CMS boat jetty) to the beach entry fee of N200, Tarkwa Bay Beach located in Tomaro Island offers one of the top relaxation spots at an affordable expense. The tents, chairs and seats renting fees start from as low as N1500, while there are beach houses and yatch club for those intending to stay a few days at the beach with special treatment. (Read about our complete trip to Tarkwa Bay Beach Here )

3. Johnson Jakande Tinubu (JJT) Recreational Park

Asides it’s free gate entry, JJT Park as the newest Park additions of the LASG boasts of modern and functional facilities to effectively serve the public. Located in the quiet area of Alausa Ikeja the park allows you to enjoy the quiet and explore it’s features such as the Eyo and Triumvirate statues, exotic bird’s cage, board games, lyrical fountain, etc. (Read about our complete trip to JJT Park Here)

4. Oniru Royal Private Beach

Located at Victoria Island, Oniru beach is one of the highly rated beaches in Lagos. The entry fee per adult is N1000 and canopy/sitting facilities prices start from N3000 per set. Due to the private ownership/management, the beach is properly maintained all year round for visitors. There are also top restaurants and beach clubs in the beach for those looking forward to premium experience.

Fun fact: From either Both Oniru and Tarkwa Bay beaches you can have view of the Eko Atlantic rising City, which is quite beautiful during sunset.

5. Lekki Conservation Center (LCC)

An initiative of the Nigerian Conservation Fund, LCC was established to preserve and promote the conservation of nature in it’s original form. Several fun facilities have been added to the center to make a visit to the place memorable for visitors. This includes the longest canopy walk in Africa, a tree house, fish ponds, nature trails, etc. Entry into the center is N1000 for an adult but to access the canopy walk, an extra N1000 is charged. (Read about our complete trip to the LCC Here)

6. Freedom Park

Formerly ‘Her Majesty’s Broad Street Prison’ during the colonial era, this recreational park offers both a relaxation getaway and historical destination for visitors. Asides the food, drinks and live stage performances that attract people here, some visit to learn about the facsinating history of the place. Entry fee is N200 and it’s located at the end of Broad Street on Lagos Island. (Read about our complete trip to Freedom Park Here)

Fun fact: The present facilities in the park were built on exact spots of the former prison using the prisons original plan e.g the gallow area where death by hanging were carried out is today a stage, bath area was turned into a water fountain area, etc

7. Shodex Inspirational Garden

Shodex is a privately owned garden located below Anthony flyover along the Oshodi – Oworonishoki expressway. The garden is part of a private initiative to promote nature with the presence of a zoo, trees and botanical garden and natural water fountains. There are also adult/children playgrounds, swimming pool, bar/restaurant facilities for relaxation and enjoyment. Entry fee into the garden is N1000 per adult to access all the facilities. Access to the swimming pool attracts extra fee.

8. Floor One 9

Located inside the Art twenty one gallery at Eko Hotel and Suites, Floorone9 by Caline Chagoury is an art collection showcasing how the cultures from the different countries on the continent can be celebrated through interiors shaped by contemporary Art and Design. Entry is free and Floorone9 will be closing and moving to a different location in March, 2020. So if you intend to visit, try to do before it closes shop.

9. National Arts Theater

This is a primary centre for the performing arts in Nigeria. Located in Iganmu, Surulere, it was constructed to host the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in 1977. Equipped with cinema halls that host live several drama and music performances regularly and a national heritage gallery, the national theater is surely a destination to visit to relax and spend quality time with friends and family.

Fun fact: The exterior of the National Theater was constructed in shape of a military hat, which is no surprise since the Gowon led government that funded the project was in the military era. And also, the theater resembles the Palace of Culture and Sports Varna, Bulgaria which you can check Here

10. The Nigerian National Museum

The National Museum is a national heritage located in Onikan, Lagos Island displaying Nigerian art, including pieces of statuary and carvings and archaeological and ethnographic exhibits. Entry fee starts from N200 per person.

Fun factOne of the most notable piece on display in this museum you can’t miss to see is the vehicle in which former Military governor Murtala Mohammed was assassinated in.


Irrespective of it’s shortcomings, Lagos State is a beautiful place made up of hardworking individuals making the best out of the opportunities the metropolitan city offers. It’s healthy and recommended to take some time off to relax and appreciate oneself with a trip to one of these places. With this budget trip list made to include everyone, we hope some can take advantage of the holiday period and have fun before the 2020 arrives and the hustle continues.

We’re opened to hearing more suggestions on places to visit, questions concerning some of this places and other enquires. Let us hear from you below or you can email us at Follow us on Instagram @20somethingsteps to follow up on newer places we’ll be visiting in the coming year.


Nonye 👣

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